Blind Art Collector EP

by Reed Lakes

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Please listen loudly.

Blind Art Collector EP is a culmination. We recorded the album in September 2011 at Twisted Penguin Studios in Anchorage, Alaska at the urging of local music fixtures James Glaves and Evan Phillips. Though there were many obstacles to this album being made, the efforts of everyone involved made it happen and we are pleased to present the results of that collaboration.


released 01 June 2012

Thanks go to:

James Glaves -- Production/Engineering/Mixin
Evan Phillips -- Production

And last but not least to our friends, families, lovers and enemies, without whom this album would not have been possible.



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Track Name: Pinstripe
let's set up a mirror
to discover what reflects
i'll put on all my facades
now here's a pillow
smother out all the stray faces
it goes on and on
the sin and whiskey chasers
if another time
you regard your inhibitions
remember you left them behind
deep in the broad yukon
deep in the broad yukon

can we take a picture
to remember the events
that turned the tide
nobody caused
swim into the shallows
cover over the indecencies
with troubled remarks
surging out in parts:

let's become who we really are
i forget sometimes that i'm
stuck in the middle some
kind of witness in dismay

see through your disguise
fool no one with your lies

we can't deny
we can't deny
we breathe the air
from the same sky

we can't deny
we can't deny
we breathe the air
from the same sky

we haven't tried
we haven't tried
if we won't talk
slim chance we'll have
the strength to walk

if you go it alone
there can be no solo
to confront the past
is harder than hell

you bought a lie
we bought the lie
so fabricate
an alibi

we can't deny
we can't deny
we breathe the air
from the same sky